Who You Work with Matters


I think of my client’s real estate transaction like a puzzle. There’s so many little pieces that all have to come together to create one big, amazing picture. If one piece is missing, then the final vision is lacking {in the real estate world that means you can loose the home you love or put the sale of your home at risk}.

That’s why it’s so important to have a real estate professional who knows what they’re doing and who cares enough to make all those little parts of your transaction work together in your favor. You need one who does this all day, not a jack of all trades! Trust the process and the professional.

Also, another important thing to note:

HOW you put together the puzzle matters.

Think about it ~ if you rush through piecing together your puzzle, you may be trying to force pieces together that look like they fit, but upon a closer look, are just a bit off. Hurrying through the process can result in mistakes and actually prolong the final result or your hard earned money at risk.

That’s why I like to make sure I focus my full attention on my clients when I meet with them. I pay attention to details and exhaust all our resources to provide education and empower each client to make their own Real Estate decision.   Don’t get me wrong, there’s always the potential to get snagged along the way, but it’s my passion to find the best solution for my clients and ensure it’s in their best interest. After all it wouldn’t be any fun if the puzzle was too easy right?

We Work Tirelessly to Close our Client’s Real Estate Transaction Successfully

Our Real Estate partners are key to our transaction. We align ourselves with professionals that know their field to provide the best experience for our clients. And we get it – a Real Estate Transaction will probably be one of the most stressful times in your life – which is why we love to take the stress off your shoulders and handle it all. We are all busy! Focus  and what you love and what you are good at and let us handle what we love to do.

Experience, trust and professional resources make a difference.  


We guide you and educate you to make the best decision – every piece is different in the puzzle it is our job to judge it and provide a solution to put it together and make a successful closing. Not one single transaction is the same, all have different needs and that is why one can’t go based on wha our friends tell us to do.


Now to the Fun Stuff!

Still busy with life, but loving it! It is so much fun to have a goal in mind and work everyday towards it…did I tell you one is to help 50 families this year….yikes! Game changer for sure. We are locking in a couple of projects this first quarter and you will see some updates on our investor side as we move along. I love managing projects and I look forward to the end product when we make a not so beautiful home into an amazing remodeled beauty!

Did I tell you our first home we bought as an investment we thought it was a simple remodel and turned out to be a tear down and we built it from the bottom up…oh and I learned to work with my bro! It was a fun little project, and you bet I learned so much.

If you’re in the market to buy/sell, I would love the opportunity to chat with you about your needs and learn how I can help!

Call me today: 1 (310) 963 3782

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